Sundarban Biosphere Reserve:

The mighty green stretches of the Sundarbans form one of the largest mangrove forests in the Asian continent, and is a dignified UNESCO World Heritage site. Sharing its immense forest with the neighbouring country of Bangladesh, the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve built on the Gangetic delta is home to one of the largest populations of the Bengal Tiger in the country. The various waterways of the reserve is also graced by the frequent sightings of the Estuarine Crocodiles, Gangetic Dolphins and a variety of birds perched upon the low lying branches of the mangroves. Overall, the Sundarbans is a spectacle that infuses the thrills of wildlife with an experience of a lifetime.

Gorumara and Jaldapara National Parks:

Located in the northern part of Bengal, Gorumara and Jaldapara are both riverine forests that paint quite the picture for both wildlife and nature lovers. The deep forests are often marked with picturesque river beds graced occasionally by the monsoon flood, which are proven tourist havens all throughout the season. The woods are home to the gorgeous one-horned Rhinoceros, Elephants, Leopards, Deers, Peacocks among other exciting sightings. Together they form the perfect getaway into a serene jungle experience.

Buxa Tiger Reserve:

Buxa is located in the northern part of Bengal and is one of the largest forest reserves in the eastern region of the country. Buxa is famous for its more than sizeable population of the Indian Elephants, who form a common sighting in and around the forest and its corridors. Buxa’s deep woods are also home to Leopards, Spotted Deers, Gaurs and a host of diverse birds. The Jayanti River that flows through the forest is a popular attraction that neatly feeds into the forest’s overall aesthetic value. With recent efforts to re-introduce tigers into the reserve, Buxa is indeed a very exciting prospect.