The central idea behind the organisation has always been the love for nature, forests and mountains of the country. A heartfelt admiration that has seen itself morph into active efforts of nature and wildlife conservation through responsible tourism that doesn’t adversely affect the essence of the places of interest. Our organisation has repeatedly emphasized upon the empowerment of local communities and small-time businesses that have been pushed into the shadows because of the flashy banners of lucrative corporations. The love and respect for nature was something that was revitalised in the Founder’s heart on account of the amiable influence of his dear friend and famous wildlife photographer and conservationist, Mr. Pralay Lahiry in the year 2010. That small idea from back then has gradually germinated through several hiccups and uncertainties into what we know of Wander Trails today. Even if we here at Wander Trails have now expanded our reach beyond the world of jungles into other destinations of tourist potential; at our heart we still hold our ideal of nature and the conservation of it burning bright.

The Team


A dedicated wildlife photographer, naturalist and conservationist with a personal experience of more than 12 years in the field. He is also an avid trekker who has had the experience of relishing some of the best environments our country’s rich trekking regions have to offer.


An aspiring photographer who is still going through the loops of both street and nature photography in order to better understand his true calling, a wildlife enthusiast and a regular travel writer getting his creative inspiration every time he journeys into a new experience.


A conservationist from the core of his heart creating awareness in the community about the importance of conservation of nature & wildlife with an emphasis on the pride of Assam, the Indian Rhino. An expert naturalist who has been in this field for more than 20 years.