Keoladeo National Park:

Located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, Keoladeo Ghana National Park is a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site and subsequently is a utopia for bird lovers. During the winter season, the park is estimated to welcome more than a thousand different species of migratory birds from all over the world. Keoladeo is the sanctum sanctorum for bird watchers, photographers and ornithologist alike. Some of the birds spotted frequently are the Shoveller, the Tufted Duck, the Spoonbill, Oriental Ibis, the Sarus Crane, the Peregrine Falcon, the Greater Spotted eagle, Painted Stork and many more. The region is also home to mammals like Nilgai, Spotted Deer, Jackals, Sambar and Hyenas. All in all, Keoladeo is a literal heaven that showcases the rich avifauna diversity that our country possesses.

Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary:

Situated right within the urban dwellings of the capital city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, Jhalana is the only reserve in the country dedicated to the housing and protection of Leopards. Jhalana’s forest is of the dry deciduous type meaning that the forest floor is flooded with leaves during the fall season and is sensually green during the monsoon season. Apart from an abundance of Leopards, Jhalana is also home to Jungle Cats, Indian Civets, Desert Foxes and a variety of snakes. It is also a very popular birding destination making it a hotspot for wildlife and nature tourism in the western zone of our country.