Pakke Tiger Reserve:

The painting like Pakke is a Tiger reserve located in the Kessang district of Arunachal Pradesh and is a skilful combination of the colours green and blue with the rich forests undercut by a number of clear streams. The reserve is a nesting place for a number of animals ranging from the splendid looking Bengal Tiger to Wild Dogs, Wild Boars, Jackals, the Himalayan Black Bear and many more exciting species. Pakke is also a region harbouring exquisite sightings of the Malayan Giant Squirrel and the Yellow Throated Marten. Pakke is a destination that knows just to give and give some more.

Namdapha National Park: :

An offshoot of the eastern Himalayas, Namdapha is a biodiversity paradise comprising of thousands of varieties of flora and fauna. Namdapha is also a collector’s edition of different vegetations including evergreen, deciduous, coniferous and alpine. Each of these vegetations further have their own set of flora and fauna as Namdapha is one of those rare national parks in the country that has the Indian Leopard, the Clouded Leopard and the Snow Leopard all together in one broad place. It is a humongous piece of forested area that caters right into the wildlife explorer’s much treasured wanderlust.