The state of Bengal is overcrowded with quick getaways to satisfy the weekend expectations of the travel lover. The tourist is exposed to a diverse topography of wonders as they stay in places of historical, cultural and aesthetic value. Places filled with exciting exploration activities that takes one to riverbanks, archaeological monuments, villages, local forests and much more. We are concentrated mostly in the exquisitely beautiful districts of Purulia and Bankura, which offer places of vacation like Futiyari, Shiulibona, Garpanchakot, Ajyodhya, Baranti, Mukutmanipur, Barjora and more. Other destinations we specialise in are places like Jhargram, Murshidabad, Shantiniketan, Belun Gram, Raichak and other popular getaways.


The state of Jharkhand offers a much-needed change of scenery as one discovers the hidden beauty of places whose names are very familiar among the masses. When in these places one is confronted with the richness of the local culture and the tranquillity of a fresh landscape that redefines one’s preconceived notions of scenic vision. In Jharkhand we primarily work in the places of Ghatsila, Asanbani, Galudi, Ranchi, Betla and Netarhat.